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Have a lot of questions? We have the answers!

What if I send a visitor that doesn't join today, but comes back later to join?

We firmly believe that if you send a surfer to us, then you should get the credit for that sale! We understand how much time and effort that you spend in sending us quality traffic, that is why any surfer that you send to us that visits our sites and comes back and joins our site later, you get this sale for up to a full 6 months after his first initial visit! We know that you sent the traffic, so you should get the credit!

How much do I get paid per join?

We offer many payout options to you from Revshare, Console Free Revshare, PPS, Console Free PPS, etc. To view our full set of payout and programs option view our programs page.

What are the different payment types that you offer?

We currently offer payouts in both check and Paxum.

When do you send you payouts?

Our payout period is monthly, after the 1st of every month. All payouts will be mailed or deposited within 3 days of the end of the payout period.

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes! we have a $100 minimum payout set by default, but you can raise the minimum payout to anything that you would like.

How often can I check my stats?

You can check your stats at anytime. All of our stats are accurate in real-time, so any sale you made will show in your stats immediately.

Can I send traffic directly to the join page?

Yes! You can take any link code that is created for you inside our NATS affiliate system and add /join to the end of the link code. This will take your surfers directly to the join page and still give you credit for the sale.

What is your policy regarding email marketing?

We do not allow email marketing of any kind unless previously approved by one of our staff. If you have any questions regarding your email promotion, please contact us.

Do you payout on exit traffic?

No. We do not payout on exit console or other external promotion off of our sites. We do offer Console Free Programs that you can choose to promote instead.

Do you offer free hosting?

Yes! We do offer free hosting to affiliates that are in need of hosting space to help them promote any of our sites. For further info, please contact us.

Where do I find my link codes, promotional material, banners, and other promotional tools?

Once you log into LotzaDollars.com, you will see a link in the main menu called "Ad Tools." Follow this link to get everything you need to help you promote LotzaDollars.com.

I have more questions that need to be answered.

If you have any question that aren't answered on this page, feel free to contact us at anytime with any question, comment, or ideas that you may have. The best way to reach us is found on our support page by clicking here.